The following students who have completed all of the requirements for Certification and have officially achieved Certification in Theology of the Body.

Cindy Costello

Cindy, filled with the grace of the sacrament of marriage to her husband Tom for 30 years, thanks God for their 5 children. She serves as Coordinator of Marriage Ministry for the Diocese of Paterson, NJ, working closely with the Family Life Director in offering programs at St. Paul Inside the Walls Evangelization Center. These include marriage preparation, marriage ministry support and training, ENDOW, and a program she initiated called First Steps for parents and their young children. Integrating the Theology of the Body into all her presentations, Cindy also gives talks throughout the diocese and enjoys freelance writing. She is proud to be the first graduate of the Theology of the Body Institute’s Certification Program, delivering her practicum on Mary and the Theology of the Body.

Anna Dendinger

Anna is a graduate of University of Dallas with a BA in Theology. She is a wife and homeschooling mom (children include, but are not limited to, an artist, a Lego architect, and Mario of Super Mario Bros. fame) from Omaha, Nebraska. Current Theology of the Body work includes reading Conrad Baars, plastering Michelangelo nudes around the living room, kvetching about church architecture, and running a (Leisure, the Basis of) Culture Club. She hopes to do more ToB radio work and speaking once the twins are done alternately nursing and breaking the house.

Laura Domanico

Becki is a mother of four daughters currently serving as a lay ecclesial minister at St. Joseph Parish in Ponchatoula, Louisiana and in communal life with Dumb Ox Ministries. She hopes to continue the work of Theology of the Body evangelization in her parish family and in the region of South Louisiana with Dumb Ox Ministries. She is also developing and offering Theology of the Body evangelization for women who’ve had a breakdown in family life due to broken sexuality through small group support and Broken and Beloved retreats that have grown out of her certification practicum work. TOBI Certification studies provides a means of sharing the graces of John Paul’s writings through invitation and the fertile ground of encounter. She is grateful to have been formed by so many authentic witnesses through the communion she experienced with fellow students, staff, and instructors. Thank you Theology of the Body Institute for providing the framework and means for such an integration.

Becki Landry

Becki is a mother of four daughters currently serving as a lay ecclesial minister at St. Joseph Parish in Ponchatoula, Louisiana and in communal life with Dumb Ox Ministries. She hopes to continue the work of Theology of the Body evangelization in her parish family and in the region of South Louisiana with Dumb Ox Ministries. She is also developing and offering Theology of the Body evangelization for women who’ve had a breakdown in family life due to broken sexuality through small group support and Broken and Beloved retreats that have grown out of her certification practicum work. TOBI Certification studies provides a means of sharing the graces of John Paul’s writings through invitation and the fertile ground of encounter. She is grateful to have been formed by so many authentic witnesses through the communion she experienced with fellow students, staff, and instructors. Thank you Theology of the Body Institute for providing the framework and means for such an integration.

Sr. Mary Rose Reddy, DMML

Sister Mary Rose, DMML is a Daughter of Mary, Mother of Healing Love (www.motherofhealinglove.org) and she has been a religious Sister since 1980. She has a Master’s in Education and a Master’s in Theology with a concentration in Moral Theology. She completed the Theology of the Body certification program in October 2015 and is grateful to be able to apply this knowledge in her job as Director of Family Faith Formation at Our Lady of the Holy Rosary and St. Leo Parishes in Rochester, NH. She is the author of Key to the Wine Cellar; Savoring the Word with the Rosary and in March 2016 she published The Gospel Players’ Script Book which is the four Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles in play format.

Jennifer (Jen) Ricard

Jennifer is a wife and mother of six children. She received a Master’s in Theology from St. Mary Seminary and Graduate School of Theology in the Diocese of Cleveland. She is a Pastoral Associate at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in Cuyahoga Falls and enjoys teaching TOB to IHM students and parents as well as to others throughout the diocese.

Anne Marie Kalloz

Ann Marie has been a Catholic Sexuality Educator and Consultant for 32 years. She developed a kindergarten through high school parent-child sexuality education program, a middle school morality and sexuality education program, and a chastity education program taught by high school and college age peer educators for students in 7th grade through high school. All of these programs have been implemented in the Catholic Schools in the Adams Deanery of the Diocese of Harrisburg and incorporate concepts from The Theology of the Body. She also teaches Theology of the Body presentations for adults in RCIA and Adult Religious Education programs. She feels she has grown in leaps and bounds in her relationship with God through her participation with the Theology of the Body Institute and knows she is having a greater impact on the lives of her students as a result of all she has encountered through the Institute.


These are students who have completed their eight Certification courses and who are currently working to complete the other requirements.

Lisa Addeo

Lisa Addeo, a native New Yorker, retired in 2005 after working 5 years as a CPA and 20 years as a CFO and General Partner of a Wall Street hedge fund. She is married 31 years and is a stay at home Mom of a 15 year old daughter. She devotes herself to her family and volunteering at her Catholic parish in Stuart, Florida where studying and teaching Blessed Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body has become her passion.

Mary Akre

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Colby Allen

Colby is from the beautiful state of Louisiana where he currently lives in Lafayette. Single and ready to mingle. His day job is working as an operations analyst for an insurance brokerage, and he is currently discerning new ministry opportunities. With his business experience, his plan is to use his certification to spread St. JP2’s personalism into the modern corporate world. You can follow his current writings and reflections at www.colbytallen.com.

Lisa Astrouski

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Susana Ayala

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Ruth Ball

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Rebeca Barba

Rebeca gave her life to Christ as a Regnum Christi consecrated woman 28 years ago. She holds a Bachelor of Education and Human Development from Anahuac University in Mexico, and a Licencia in Religious Sciences from the Pontifical University in Rome. She has taken different healing courses based on the Theology of the Body at the John Paul II Center in Tallahassee, FL. She has lived in Italy, Spain, Mexico, Canada and the United States. She currently works as a vice-principal of a school in Guadalajara, Mexico. In her free time, she is a recognized international and motivational speaker, who helps different organizations like Amor Seguro which imparts TOB courses to Spanish speakers.

Janice Belbey

Janice was raised in northern New Jersey and has lived the past 9 years in Rhode Island. She teaches at an all-girls Catholic boarding school. The girls come from many Spanish speaking countries, as well as South Korea and come for one year of Catholic formation and to learn English. She teaches a 3 part course which includes the Culture of Life, Theology of the Body and Catholic Apologetics.

Joe Bland

Joe has been married to the most beautiful woman, Cathy, for 28 years. They have three wonderful children; Chelsea, Seth and Hannah. They live in Kentucky where Joe has been in ministry for the Church teaching high school theology, youth ministry and faith formation since 2002. In January of 2014 he became the Director of the Office of Family Life for the Diocese of Owensboro. Joe holds a Masters in Theology from St. Meinrad School of Theology in Indiana. Joe’s first class was TOB 1 in June 2010, this changed the whole course of his ministry, his marriage and his life. He dedicates a large portion of his ministry to spreading the Good News of the Theology of the Body by giving presentations and workshops to students, parents, young adults, teachers and anyone who will listen to these wonderful teachings.

Jackie Bonk

Jackie Bonk hails from North Carolina where she serves as the Director of the Office of Human Life and Dignity for the Diocese of Raleigh. Through an Olympic leap of faith, she has come to experience many gifts including the desire to seek out beauty and also the humility to accept healing. She has personally experienced the heart as the gateway to an encounter and communion with the Lord Jesus. She is grateful for this journey; specifically to St. John Paul II, the TOB Institute, the Holy Spirit, and the personal friendships formed on the way; the Black Rock experience is a priceless gift she will embrace forever.

Margaret Bryson

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Abigail Byron-Goslin

Abigail Byron-Goslin affirms that through the TOB Institute God made her new and infused her with a joy she had never known, that she has been emboldened and molded into the fullness of who God made her to be in her calling and vocation. She currently facilitates “Be Weekend” retreats for teens, young adults and adults across the country. Next week, Abigail will begin her new job as the Director of Campus Ministry for the Diocese of Savannah, Georgia. Upon completion of her certification she hopes to have more opportunities to speak about the healing power of Christ through Theology of the Body and intends to finish her book “The Way of Being.”

Michael Cappel

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Marie Cehovin

After serving the Diocese of Austin as the Director of Pro-Life Activities and Chaste Living for almost 7 years, God’s providence and her growing family prompted her to return to parish ministry. She has been serving as the Pastoral Associate for Evangelization & Catechesis at St. Theresa Catholic Church & School in Austin, TX since March 2015. She will be teaching the Diocesan TOB Certification at her parish this coming fall and is helping to implement a TOB centered retreat for 5th grade students and their parents. Since completing classes at the TOB Institute, she has gotten married, and she and Matteo have 3 daughters: Vittoria, Karolina, and Maddalena.

Fr. Martin Connor, LC

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Sharon DeSipio

Sharon is blest with having a close relationship with her God since her earliest memories. Even though she was a ‘public’ she knew God was with her…graduating in the top 10% of her high school class. She attended college, she married Richard and had four children. During her 4th pregnancy, it seemed God was calling her to use the intelligence gifted to her, and so she returned to college…taking her first final exam a week before she delivered her 4th child. Since then it has been a roller coaster ride…an adventure of sorts with God. She now has advanced degrees in Morality and in Liturgical Praxis. TOB is the icing on her cake…meshing Morality and Liturgy…and bringing it to the level of the common person in the pews…and beyond to those not of the Catholic Faith.

Ana Patty Fajer

Ana Patty is from Monterrey Mexico. She is the president and Founder of CONECTA-T. CONECTA-T is an international organization that offers conferences, courses, training and individual counseling. It is present in Mexico, the United States and India. The courses are directed toward parents, teachers, primary, middle, high school and college students. FB: Conecta-T (educación) WEB Page: www.conecta-t.mx

Caitlin Fitzpatrick

Caitlin is from Kingston, Ontario, Canada. During a time of dark confusion, Caitlin stumbled across the Institutes website and discovered a first step on a bright path. Now, eight courses later, she has studied nutrition, became a FertilityCare Practitioner, started her own business, and began a TOB Ministry in her Archdiocese. She and her husband became foster parents and currently care for two beautiful younglings. God has used these courses to reveal His direction for her life and she is excited to see where He is going to take her next.

Father Paul Gebhart

Father Paul recently celebrated 25 years in the priesthood for the Diocese of Cincinnati where he is the pastor of two parishes. His experience with Christopher West’s intro video series at Ruah Woods transformed his ministry and his life by launching him toward a new, exciting and much-needed perspective on our Christian faith, which we know as TOB. For his practicum he plans to teach the existing morality curriculum for his diocesan Catechist Certification from a TOB perspective. The director of the diocesan Office for Evangelization and Catechesis has asked him to be part of a team that will incorporate TOB across the Catechist Certification curriculum.

Maria Fernando Gomez

Maria Fernando Gomez expresses that in these courses she had found herself more deeply, found God, her husband and her mission in life. After receiving clarity in her mission to spread TOB she met her husband, Evan, on a course who was already working as a TOB speaker in Mexico. Their missions joined and a year later they founded together the Amar al Maximo Institute. They work full-time spreading the Theology of the Body through conferences, courses, formation programs in schools, for young adults and a Specialization Program in TOB for adults. She affirms that God is the founder, motor, guardian and director of their Institute, and all of the good has come through Him. For her practicum, she plans to develop a multi-media follow-up program for their formation program for schools.

Michele Grantham

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Suzanne Grybas

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Edward Haessig

Ed was born and lived in St. Louis Metro area all but one year of his life. He went to the High school and College Seminary for the Archdiocese of St. Louis. Left the seminary, and went on to St. Louis University for a Masters Degree in Religion and Education The next 37 yrs. he taught in the Archdiocese of St. Louis high school system. Reading George Weigel’s book, “Witness To Hope” during the last days and immediately after the death of John Paul II, he became enthralled with the life of the Saint. June 2012 he started his study at the Theology of the Body Institute. Now working part time in a parish office he is studying at the Avila Institute for Spiritual Formation. He hopes to spend 2017 in his newly purchased 1998 Class B RV, traipsing around our country and continuing his online study with Avila. From there he’ll look forward to what God has in store for his life.

Deacon Charles Hall

Deacon Charles Hall: Deacon Charles Hall first heard about TOB as he was being drawn into the Catholic Church in 2007. He attended TOB 1 in August of 2007. This exposure to Pope Saint John Paul II’s catechesis cast a light into his life as a Christian man that was both surprising and joyful. He was received into the Church in 2008, and later ordained as a Permanent Deacon in 2014. Because of his assignment as Deacon to the Office of Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs in the Boston Archdiocese, He’s found a number of open doors with his Protestant brethren as regards TOB. They are willing to listen, if we are willing to engage, not in a spirit of division, but of hope and community. Bringing TOB to them is the hope he has for making the best use of his certification.

Christina Hayden

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Cathy Hayden

Cathy says that she is a simple person who loves God. She doesn’t work in any particular church ministry, counseling, or teaching, but is a wife, mother, and friend. Most importantly, she is a precious daughter of our Lord Jesus Christ who loves her beyond all measure – who loves her in her brokenness and that of her family. Throughout her family struggles, she kept feeling that Jesus wanted her to know Theology of the Body. She started these class 2 1/2 years ago with a simple “yes” to that call and nothing more. She’s never felt a grand plan to start a ministry or change the world, just trying to keep it simple. She, her husband, Tom, her daughter, Bernadette, and her son, Billy, are being made new every day as they let Jesus heal their family through this gift of TOB. She is forever grateful for the Institute, the teachers, staff, priests, fellow students, Saint John Paul II, Mary Our New Eve, and Jesus Christ Our Bridegroom!

Paul Horcher

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Mary Keck

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Robert Kinsman

Robert Kinsman dared to ask “why” and it launched him on a journey that led him to peel off mask after mask to discover who he truly is. Through the coursework of TOB, he has recently become involved with a local Catholic grade school that has decided to present “Theology of the Body for Teens” to their middle school. As he freely gives his TOB knowledge, resources and excitement to this endeavor, he is starting to get a glimpse of self. Ask “why” and join him. The water is beautiful, come into the deep.

Bernadette Kozak

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Deborah Larmour

Deborah married her husband Don, 33 years ago. Together, they have 6 children and 5 grandchildren. Deborah is the Director of the Family and Life Office for the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Saskatoon in Canada. She is a huge fan of Theology of the Body and is extremely grateful for the Institute.

Evan Lemoine

Evan Lemoine began studying his Masters in Marriage and Family and began the Certification Program both in 2010. Since then, he’s been applying that formation in conferences and courses all around Mexico and around the world in Spanish and in English. He and his wife, Fernanda, founded Amar al Maximo Institute in 2013, and are developing and providing formation for adults, young adults, and adolescents, through conferences, courses and workshops throughout Latin America. For his practicum he would like to develop a course on “Sexual Education” based on the teachings of TOB. He would like to thank the TOB Institute for helping him to find Christ, to find meaning, the love of his life, his mission and the discovery of the beauty of new life as he prepares to welcome his daughter into the world.

John Ley

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Mary Ley

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Helen Lowe

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Kathleen Magno

Kathy has worked for all four Dioceses in Massachusetts as a member of the Massachusetts Catholic Conference for the past 11 years. The Massachusetts Catholic Conference is the public policy office for the four Bishops of Massachusetts, and speaks on their behalf regarding all public policy issues in the Massachusetts legislature. It has not been an easy task considering the political and cultural climate and she has witnessed first-hand the destructive policies that have distorted the church’s teachings on marriage and family.   It was through her work on the Family-Life/Pro-Life Committee of the Conference that led her to TOB, where she has developed a passion to share this teaching. Kathy is pursuing a degree in theology at St. Joseph’s college and hopes to teach TOB in the future.   She has a son, Cory, and many family members and friends whom she considers God’s greatest gift in her life.

Jeannine Malone

Jeannine is from Illinois. She admits that this time has gone by so fast and remembers – like it was yesterday –nervously introducing herself for the first time in the TOB I class in June of 2012. She says “It’s all about Union and Communion!” Three words come to mind as she reflects how she has lived out God’s total vision for her as a person, moreover, as a woman: healing, restoring and loving. Over these last 3 years she has experienced deep HEALING through the sacrament of Holy Communion at the masses here. Course after course, here and at the JPII Healing Center in Tallahassee, her feminine identity was being RESTORED, and she boldly proclaims that God has done all of this purely out of His LOVE for her. She never tires of speaking about the truths of this teaching , and wants to thank the entire staff of the Theology of the Body Institute for providing her with this wonder-full opportunity to experience the theology of her body and all of yours. “

Cesar Marius

Cesar has been married to his wife, Blanca, for 25 years and together they have one daughter and two beautiful granddaughters. Theology of the Body has fulfilled them with the knowledge that enables them to educate themselves, as well as the Hispanic community, throughout the past seven and a half years. Cesar and Blanca have been associated with the Ministry of Pre-Cana for the Diocese of Arlington, preparing engaged couples for the Holy Sacrament of Marriage. They have implemented a new marriage preparation program in Virginia for engaged couples of the Hispanic Community. They are looking forward to implementing this program in Maryland, Washington D.C. and Baltimore by the end of 2016.

Lisa McCullough

Lisa holds a Bachelor of Arts with a specialization in Christianity and Culture and also a Bachelor of Education.  She has trained as a Billings Ovulation Method Teacher and currently serves as the volunteer president of the Natural Family Planning Centre of Waterloo Region.  She and her husband have 5 children and presently she homeschools their 2 youngest children who are 13 and 8 years old and have special needs.  One child is hearing impaired and the other has Down Syndrome and both learn better with individualized teaching.


Mary-Emily McCullough

Mary-Emily lives in Ontario, Canada. A recent graduate of both Wilfrid Laurier University and the University of Toronto, she currently works as a music teacher, and is one of the coordinators of S.M.Y.C.A. (the St. Mark’s Young Catholic Adults), a start-up ministry for young adults at her home parish.

Anna Meier

Anna graduated from St. Edward’s University in 2009 with a bachelors of science in biology and minor in chemistry. She now lives in Irving, Texas and works as a Marketing Editor for TractManager, producing animated promotional and training videos. She enjoys public speaking, leading worship, writing, and editing.

Emily Nail

Emily is from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. She went to her first course in January 2012, Love & Responsibility, with an interest in learning more about her undergraduate thesis topic Humanae Vitae. Working as a Youth Minister she has been able to incorporate the knowledge she has learned here at the Institute and share it with the youth with which she works. TOB has also profoundly touched her personal life. The Institute helped her discover her Vocation as a wife and mother and to grow in knowledge with her husband Branden, and together raise their firstborn with a firm understanding of beauty and purpose. She is looking forward to writing her practicum on discovering one’s Vocation through the lens of the Theology of the Body.


Deacon Stephen Nolte

Deacon Stephen was ordained November 8, 2008 and served as director of the Offices of Life, Justice & Human Dignity and Family Life for the Diocese of Corpus Christi for five years. In July of 2015, Deacon Stephen assumed the role of manager for the Mother Teresa Transitional Housing for homeless men where he managed the facility and served as a case manager to 14 men. He recently returned to hospice chaplaincy. Deacon Stephen and his wife, Connie, celebrated 20 years of marriage on December 8th, 2015 on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Together they have 8 children and 15 grandchildren. Deacon Stephen began his Theology of the Body certification journey in October, 2012. He loves sharing TOB with his family, parishioners and the people he serves.

Daniel Nugent

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Andrés O’Hagan

Andrés is a magician, comedian and actor. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration. He is CEO & founder of Open Magic, a company based in Mexico that provides education with entertainment. He uses magic, comedy and acting as educational tools to speak at schools, colleges, conferences and Fortune 500 companies. The core of his teaching is based on the Theology of the Body. He is currently writing his first book to help those struggling with addiction to pornography. Andrés lives in Merida, Mexico with his wife and two sons.

“TOB has enriched my life. It has helped me become more fully who I am. It has guided me through my marriage and my fatherhood. TOB has been like a magnifying lens through which God has poured His light: rays of grace hotter than the sun, that have set me aflame with truth and love, so that I may become gift”.

Susan O’Hanlon

Susan affirms that throughout the past four years God has taken her on a journey, both spiritual and emotional, through the TOB Institute. In addition to the head knowledge gained in each subsequent class, the heart knowledge has been transformational. For her practicum, she currently plans to work with couples – married or engaged – through a series of weekly date nights where there will be a dinner, a ballroom dance lesson connecting it to a TOB session and ending the evening with couples dance time. She prays God continues to direct her as she looks toward her practicum.

Diane O’Neill

Diane has been married to her husband, Frank, for 31 years. She is a mom to two beautiful adult daughters and one son-in-law. In 2009, she became the director of a pregnancy help center and in 2011 she found herself at a talk being given by Christopher West. She says that it was apparent God intended these two unforeseen developments in her life to converge and so in January 2013 she took her first class toward certification. She asks for prayers to begin a successful TOB program for her pregnancy help center, and for God to make clear the time and plan He wishes her to follow in finishing up the certification process.

Jeannine Peters

[Bio coming soon]


Linda Pieper

Linda describes that over the past several years she has been part of a group, which has established a ministry – called the John Paul II Renewal Center – whose mission it is to share the teachings of JPII, especially his Theology of the Body. Her practicum may involve a program for catechists which she is in the process of writing, or it may be a program for parents who are and how to explain the truth of the human person in their human sexuality to their children.

Rosalyn Rapsinksi

Rosalyn affirms that the Certification Program has equipped her with the knowledge to go out and proclaim to others the good news of TOB. Her practicum is still in a nebulous form, but she hopes to do a series of lectures that will unite Theology of the Body with other elements of our faith, in order to help others grow in love for the Lord and the Church.

Marie Ryan

Marie was seeking a “new” language that was being taught in Theology of the Body crafted so lovingly, generously and precisely by the future saint, Pope John Paul II when she attended her first course in 2009.  Marie hoped to learn this language that would enable her and many like her speak to the world, but more importantly, to those close by, family and friends, of the truth and freedom offered by the one who created each of them. What Marie found was a joy that centers around that Love and calls from deep, deep within to live, and move toward a beauty that is more wonderful than any humanly conceived gift.  What Marie hopes to do is to continuously hold out the invitation to grasp this truth, this beauty to those she encounters especially those who have lost or never have known the gift was available to them.

Trevor Scoles

Trevor was convinced that, at the beginning of his journey over the past eight courses, that Christopher would eventually pass the torch to him as he set the mid-west ablaze with love for TOB.  Today, Trevor is content to let the Holy Spirit continue to transform him slowly into the saint God daily calls Him to be. He’ll spend the near future completing his practicum entitled “TOB for Tots,” which is designed to familiarize parents of young children with the themes and content of TOB through movies such as Shrek, Beauty and the Beast, or Despicable Me.

Debbie Staresinic

Debbie feels it is bittersweet to see four years of study and eight, week-long courses come to a close. Because of the education she has received here she has been able to support Ruah Woods whose mission is to spread the message of TOB. They are excited to be in the process of developing a TOB K-12 curriculum for the Cincinnati Archdiocese with the long-term dream of ultimately making it available around the world. Her practicum will be the creation of TOB Rosary Meditations. Be on the lookout soon for Theology of the Body Rosary Meditations: Praying the Rosary Through the Lens of The Spousal Love of Christ and His Church.

Laura Strietmann

Laura first learned about TOB 8 years ago from a co-worker while serving as a client advocate at Pregnancy Center East in Cincinnati. When she first began meeting with women in crisis pregnancies, 2 main themes were common in most clients.  Besides extreme loneliness in most clients, the other common factor was women who had no idea their value and worth as a woman and human person.  Her co-worker shared with her TOB and many materials and she knew immediately this was the “medicine” the “anecdote” for our world.

As a mom of 2 sons and a daughter, now college age and after a divorce, raising them alone the past 7 years, TOB has gifted me with the strength and courage to teach and speak to my children about their vocations even though they are from a divorced family.  While working towards certification she also completed a Certificate in Lay Pastoral Ministry from The Athenaeum of Ohio.

When she returns home from this course, she will begin working full time for Ruah Woods in sales and marketing for their new curriculum for students K-12.


Katie Svec

Katie journey to the TOB Institute began in 2012 at the tomb of St. John Paul II where she asked him to figure out how she could attend TOB 1. Three weeks after this event she was told the pro-life ministry that she volunteered with in Indianapolis, Indiana, would send her to develop a TOB program for sidewalk counselors. She discovered that the Institute was an extension of the Blessed Mother’s womb where she would be enveloped in God’s love with amazing brothers and sisters and a place where she would be given her candlesticks. TOB has given her a new language and freedom to love her husband and their six children and has confirmed her call to the Secular Franciscan Order where she is currently a candidate.

Janette Tinant

Janette has, from a young age, deeply desired to become a Catholic apologist. She read “Good News about Sex and Marriage” and knew that TOB was what God had waiting for her in her aspirations to become an apologist. Thus began her studies in TOB that led her to the Institute. She is now married– she and her husband, Stefan have two children. For her practicum she dreams of presenting TOB at the parish level. She plans to finish and publish her book this or next year: “Pro-Life Theology of the Body and the Common Good.”

Monique van Berkel

Monique first experienced Theology of the Body when Christopher West spoke in her hometown of Vancouver. Her heart was stirred in a negative way and she resolved to never look into TOB again. Eventually, God opened her heart to receive the teachings of JPII. Praise God! Her work within the TOB mission field is slowly unfolding. She’s not sure what that will look like, but what she does know is that she has finally found what she’s been looking for.

Carrie Wolf

[Bio Coming Soon]

Mary Worley

Mary received her mission in Medjugorje in 1990 to heal the broken-hearted and minister to women who made bad decisions in relationships. Through a series of circumstances, she was introduced to TOB and discovered how to carry out her mission in healing ministry. Since then, she has started the Rabboni Institute for Learning and Healing. For now their main focus is on curriculum in the hopes that they can have a full-service clinic that will treat the body, intellect and will.