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Student Anna Meier shares the top five reasons she keeps getting on a plane from Texas to study Theology of the Body in person with us.


  1. 5. God is Using it to Renew the Deepest Desires of my Heart
  2. Exploring who God created me to be has put me back in touch with the childhood wonder I’ve had difficulty tapping into as an adult. Studying Theology of the Body has helped me reawaken my dreams and desires, as I get to know and trust that Someone exists who can truly fulfill them.
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      1. 4. I’ve Experienced Songs Coming to Life
      2. I’m the type of person that’s usually humming a song. Music speaks to me in a special way. TOBI instructors sharing how God can speak to us through music is helping me become more aware of God’s loving presence with me… “Lord, why is this song stuck in my head? What are You trying to tell me?”
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      1. 3. I’m Learning how to find Wheat among the Weeds
        1. God has shown me a deep remedy for perfectionism through the parable of the “weeds and wheat”, often shared in TOBI courses. That there are weeds and wheat growing together in the world around me… and in my own heart. I don’t have to be perfect (weed-less) before approaching God. He calls me (& loves me) just as I am. And there’s no imaginary line I can cross in this life to become “perfect”. “There’s always more” – not just more work, but deeper joys God invites me to.
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          1. 2. I’m Learning how to Really Look at People (by first experiencing the way Jesus looks at me)
          2. Have you ever been caught off guard by the way someone looks into your eyes? Has an image of Jesus ever peered into your soul? Here’s a prayer I’ve begun to pray since studying TOB – “Lord, help us to see the way You look at us in love. And continue to purify our hearts Lord, that we become increasingly able to look at others with Your Loving Gaze.”
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          1. 1. I’ve Learned that God can Speak to us in our Sin
          2. While attending a course with the Institute, an incredible priest asked me this during Confession – “What is God trying to tell you in your sin?” It blows my mind to realize that the darkness of our sin is truly nothing compared to the Light of Christ. That even in the midst of our sin, God wants to be near to us and love us.
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          1. Anna Meier is a Marketing Editor living in Irving, Texas.  She is currently shadowing Liz Heyne with the Teen Star program. Music, singing and playing guitar are some of her favorite pastimes. She is pursuing Certification with the Theology of the Body Institute. 


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