Delighted! [1 of 2] 2015 Capital Campaign Prelim Results

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Dear Friends in Christ,

While we wait a bit longer for remaining pledges to arrive, I could not wait any longer to share my gratitude and delight for your historic level of support for the Theology of the Body Institute’s 2015 “What if TOB?” Capital Campaign! Here are some of the amazing preliminary campaign results:

  • Over 300 donations received* (a record high)

  • More than half were first-time donors!

  • $84,350 in donations received*

  • $168,700 raised with matching grant* (another record high)


  • The $100,000 Matching Challenge was never just a “stretch goal” for us to meet current needs, but an act of faith that God’s Will would reign – whatever the final outcome – and we would delight in it! Regardless of what we think we should do or what others are asking us to do, we desire the peace of doing only what God Wills us to do. This is His Institute dedicated through Our Lady to magnify the legacy of Pope St. John Paul II, so please pray for our ongoing discernment.

The What if TOB? theme came right from our hearts that burn with zeal to “set the world on fire” with Theology of the Body – every home, every parish, every school, every office, every seminary, every convent, every “body.”

You have boosted us with your encouragement, prayers and financial support. May God grant you a share in the graces overflowing from the lives transformed by TOB. Be assured that we will continue the TOBI mission in 2016 to make What if…?, What Is!

 DO_cir_web smallDelighted,



*It’s not over! We still have a shot at reaching the full $100,000 matching grant amount. Please say a prayer that the more than $20,000 in pledges fulfill and I can send you the final “You Did It!” email!
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  1. I just heard of this program from a staff member. I don’t know how long you have doing this long needed ministry
    I am a family therapist in Cleveland Heights dealing with adolescents. I expect as I delve into the program, I will find it more useful than the outdated material I have been using,

  2. Thank you TOB Institute for training Mr. Babu John from Dallas, Texas. Mr. Babu spent three days at the St. George Syro-Malabar Church, Paterson, New Jersey and changed many lives. He talked to 22 youth that definitely will lead to many of them discovering the Amazing presence of God in them and marching on to help others. It’s impact will least forever.

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