Master of Arts:

Theology of the Body

and the New Evangelization

Master of Arts:

Theology of the Body

and the New Evangelization

Pope Saint John Paul II was the first to call for a “New Evangelization, new in its ardor, methods and expression.” He also emphasized that in order to communicate appropriately the message entrusted to her, “the Church needs art” and “the theology of the body … is quite indispensable.” Inspired by these truths, The Theology of the Body Institute and Pontifex University have formally partnered to offer a unique Master’s Degree that guides students along the via pulchritudinis (“the way of beauty”) and equips them with the necessary catechetical tools and theological and cultural understanding to engage a world desperately in need of revitalization. The program includes the study of theology and philosophy and the history of Catholic culture, with a focus on the sacred arts, and the writings of Pope St. John Paul II with a particular emphasis on the Theology of the Body.

The degree is granted by Pontifex University and is awarded after the successful completion of 36 credit hours, an exam for each course, and a final thesis. Twenty-two (22) of these credits will be acquired by completing eleven (11) five-day on-site courses offered by the Theology of the Body Institute. The remaining fourteen (14) credits will be acquired via Pontifex University’s online platform.


All courses offered by the Theology of the Body Institute are 2 credits and are divided into the following categories (see course descriptions here):

Core Courses: (Master’s students complete all of these courses)

  • Theology of the Body I: Head & Heart Immersion Course
  • Theology of the Body II: Into the Deep
  • Theology of the Body III: The New Evangelization
  • Catholic Sexual Ethics
  • Love & Responsibility
  • The Writings of Pope Saint John Paul II on Gender, Marriage, and Family
  • The Philosophy of Pope Saint John Paul II
  • Theology of the Body & Art: A Way of Beauty

Elective Courses: (Master’s students complete 3 of these courses)

  • Theology of the Body & the Interior Life
  • Theology of the Body & Spiritual Direction: The Art of Accompaniment
  • Theology of the Body & Vatican II
  • Theology of the Body & Mariology

(Please note that the elective course list may increase or change, according to availability.)

The remaining fourteen (14) credits are offered by Pontifex University via the online platform (see course descriptions links below):

  • Old Testament in Words and Images (3 credits) DESCRIPTION
  • New Testament in Words in Images (3 credits) DESCRIPTION
  • A History and Practical Theology of Images (3 credits) DESCRIPTION
  • The Bible and the Liturgy (3 credits). DESCRIPTION

And, two (or more) credits from

  • Harmony and Proportion – The Mathematics of Beauty (2 credits) DESCRIPTION


  • The Christian Humanism in Modern Cinema (1 credit) DESCRIPTION
  • Christian Architecture (1 credit) DESCRIPTION
  • An Introduction to Traditional Sacred Music (for non-musicians) (1 credit) DESCRIPTION


Enrollment Process 

For the program as a whole: Enroll online at Pontifex University indicating that you wish to follow this program and submit the $150 registration fee..

For Theology of the Body Institute classes: Please contact Jennifer Settle, Director of Programs at You will pay the Theology of the Body Institute directly for these classes while indicating that you wish to receive academic credit through Pontifex University (this involves an additional fee of $150 per credit that must be paid directly to Pontifex University before completing your course with the Theology of the Body Institute).  When you complete the course and its requirements, the Theology of the Body Institute will notify you of your grade and submit it to Pontifex.

For Pontifex University classes: Register online at www.Pontifex.University. Classes are taught exclusively online and cost $300 per credit.

For the final Thesis: This will be a 10,000-word essay supervised by the Theology of the Body faculty. Once it has been completed and graded, the student will register online and pay a fee of $400.