The mission of the Theology of the Body Institute Clergy Enrichment Program is to enrich the vocation of the priesthood of the Catholic Church with the teaching of Pope Saint John Paul II’s Theology of the Body. The Clergy Enrichment Program offers priests the opportunity to learn the Theology of the Body through a program created by priests, for priests, and to apply it directly to their lives of priestly identity, prayer and mission.

Grounded in the foundational course: Theology of the Body I: Head & Heart Immersion, In the Person of Christ incorporates three weeklong retreat seminars, each devoted to one theme:

  • Priestly Identity

    This retreat seminar examines how TOB helps priests to know and live their identity as men and priests. Topics include: Sonship & Masculinity, Brotherhood, Priest as Bridegroom, and Spiritual Fatherhood. (Offered November 13-17, 2023 in Orlando, Florida – see registration link below.)

  • Priestly Prayer

    This retreat seminar examines how TOB relates to the priestly life of prayer. Topics include: Interior Life, Discernment, Spiritual Warfare, Marian Theology, and Contemplative Prayer.

  • Priestly Mission

    This retreat seminar examines how TOB aids priests in living our the mission of their priesthood. Topcis include: Sacraments, Liturgy, Homilies, Parish Life, and Vocation.

All of our week-long retreat seminars are designed and facilitated by subject matter experts and are surrounded by fellowship, prayer, and celebration of the Sacraments. There are opportunities for daily confession, spiritual direction, adoration, liturgy of the hours, and celebration of the Holy Mass.

In addition to powerful weeklong retreat seminars, flexible program options include: convenient mini-seminars, and accessible webinars.

Helpful enrichment resources are also provided.

What are priests saying about In the Person of Christ?

About the Program

Weeklong retreat seminars are held in Orlando, Florida and offer daily Mass, confession, adoration, liturgy of the hours, spiritual direction, and fellowship with brother priests.

Mini-seminars may be offered at various locations throughout the country. They give priests the ease of shorter travel to briefly encounter program themes in 3 days. 

Webinars offer education and enrichment to priests unable to travel. Webinars encourage priests to further study through participation in weeklong retreat seminars.

Resources are contributed by priests, theologians, members of the Theology of the Body Institute Episcopal Advisory Board, and/or subject matter experts. Resources provide a wide variety of educational and evangelization materials.

Meet the Program Director

Jen Settle is a Consecrated Virgin in the Diocese of Orlando. She has been a staff member at the Theology of the Body Institute in Quarryville, Pennsylvania since 2008, where she currently serves as the Director of Ongoing Formation. She has Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Theology and Parish Ministry from Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa. Jen worked in religious education and adult faith formation for 15 years before joining the TOBI staff. Jen was the TOBI leader in the creation of the In the Person of Christ Clergy Enrichment Program and creator of the TOB I & Consecrated Life Certification Course. She has given retreats to laity, numerous religious communities, seminarians, and priests throughout the country. She completed the Spiritual Direction Certificate Program with Divine Mercy University in 2020 and she currently serves as a spiritual director. Consecrated in 2017 in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia by Archbishop Charles Chaput, Jen consults with many bishops and dioceses to assist in the creation of discernment and formation processes for women seeking to become Consecrated Virgins. She serves as a mentor for women across the country who desire the vocation of Consecrated Virginity. She also serves as the Delegate for Consecrated Virginity in the Diocese of Orlando. She is the co-author of the book, Consecration to Jesus through Saint Joseph: An Integrated Look at the Holy Family, and a contributor to the books, Undone: Freeing the Feminine Heart from the Knots of Fear and Shame, and God is Beauty: A Retreat on the Gospel and Art.

Contact Jen at or 215-302-8200 ext. 700.

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